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Dale Speicher Memorial Award Winners

     Dale Speicher, a charter member of BCFC, was the first secretary of the Brunswick County Fishing Club. He was instrumental in the purchase of land for the clubhouse and was responsible for recruiting many early members. He worked hard to form and create the building blocks needed for the club to become the premiere fishing club it is today. Sadly, Dale died before his vision and dreams for the club could be fully realized.


     To honor his commitment, dedication and countless hours of work put into getting BCFC off the ground, we recognize the angler who has the largest catch during our year-long, annual fishing competition. The "Dale Speicher Memorial Award" was created in 1978 and first won by Roger Cook in 1979. 


     This award stands as a reminder that just an idea fueled by hard work and determination, can leave an amazing legacy for future generations.  The winning angler not only receives a great honor when obtaining this award, but also ensures all club members, new and old, remember a man who's vision for the club was bigger than any fish ever caught!

1979- Roger Cook

1980- James Ratcliffe

1981- James Helms

1982- Daisy Butler

1984- Dale McDowell

1985- Derwood Landreth

1986- Arthur Maxwell

1987- F. Faultsby, III

1989- Angie Wood

1990- Wilson Sellers

1991- Wilson Sellers

1992- Tony Mathis

1993- Ruby McDowell

1995- Rosalyn McDowell

1995- Beverlee McDowell

1996- Frank Holder

1997- Merle Smith

2000- Roy Wilson, Jr.

2001- Sonny Helms

2002- Larry Young

2003- Billy Nicholson

2005- Kyle Martin

2006- Jim Dees

2007- Nina Coble

2008- J. Robin Hall

2009- Bill Scott

2010- Billy Simmons

2014- Larry Wall

2017- David Freeman

2018- Andrew Imes

2019- Andrew Imes

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