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Before you grab your rod, check the forecast.
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Before you hit the coast, check the weather 

and then your wardrobe. If you do not have the 

latest BCFC wear in yours, then head over to our new store and hook yourself up!!

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Tell your friends, Heck bring your friends.
Take a break from the online chats and connect on the water. Then go back online and tell everyone about "The Big One" that got away while you were enjoying life the way it was meant to be with BCFC!!
When out of the water, our "school" can normally be found here!

Brunswick County Fishing Club

3911 Hickory View Drive

Sunset Harbor, NC

or e-mail us at

Our Mission

The BCFC is a non-profit organization with a focus on fellowship and integrity amongst its members. We promote legislation that protects and conserves our saltwater fishery. We are committed to providing ongoing education, to our members and the community at large, in order for us all to be better stewards of our North Carolina natural resources.

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